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JIMMY PowerWash HW8

Cordless Handheld Vacuum & Washer
Instantly dries floor without stains

Precise Water Spray Control

LED Intelligent Display

One-key Self-Cleaning

Заменлив пакет батерии

Dual Tank Technology


Надворешен излез за прскање со вода

Опремен со уникатен визуелен надворешен излез за прскање вода со едно копче за лесно прскање вода.


Detachable Clean/Dirty Water Tank

Easy to install and remove the separate clean/dirty water tank that keeps clean water and solution separated from dry/debris and dirty water.


Интелигентен LED дисплеј

Интелигентниот LED екран го прикажува траењето на батеријата во реално време, режимот за чистење и други информации, помагајќи да се направи подобар план за чистење.


Заменлива литиумска батерија

Уживајте во удобноста на безжичното чистење со времетраење до 25 минути и лесно може да го удвои времето на работа со дополнителен пакет батерии.


Mode switch & spray control

Streamlined handle for comfortable switching of working modes and water spray control button, allowing for vacuuming and washing at the same time.

Do you encounter the following troubles in your daily life?


Vacuum/Wash and Dry Quickly in One Step Clean Without Leaving Stains

Save time by vacuuming and washing your floors at the same time. Easily clean wet and dry messes


Remove All Types of Dirt From Various Surface

JIMMY PowerWash features powerful scrubbing and suction to easily tackle tough, stuck-on messes or everyday floor cleaning problems


Smart LED Display Manage your Cleaning Work Intelligently

JIMMY PowerWash's onboard intelligent LED display shows helpful, real-time information


Precise Water Spray Technology Clean without Leaving Stains

Be equipped with a visual external water spray outlet with one button to easily spray water, and the amount of water can be controlled

прецизно прскање со вода

Separate and Detachable Clean/Dirty Water Tank Always Wipe With Clean Water

Dual tank technology keeps clean water and solution separated from dry/debris and dirty water, enable you to continuously clean the floor with clean water


One-Touch Self-Cleaning Set Your Hands Free

Easily activate the self-cleaning function with just one touch. The machine flushes brushroll and tubes with clean water, keeping the brushroll clean and your home odor-free




Заменливи литиумски батерии

Replaceable battery pack makes you no longer worry about the aging of battery. And you can easily double working time with an extra battery pack.


Two-speed Operation Modes

Two-speed mode choice, gives your powerful  performance without the extra noise.


Use with Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning Solution

Fast sterilization, long-lasting antibacterial Chlorine-free, Non-toxic, No alcohol.


Cordless and Lightweight

The lightweight, cordless design makes it easy to carry around. Clean every corner at home effortlessly and conveniently.


Easy Storage and Easy Charge

JIMMY PowerWash's charging station stores and charges the device while it completely self-cleans, leaving no mess or residue on floors. Give your organized, tidy and fully charged experience.

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Параметар на производот
  • Product Name: JIMMY Cordless Handheld PowerWash HW8
  • Напон: 28.8V
  • Номинална моќност: 220W
  • Мотор: Четкан мотор
  • Максимално работно време: 25 мин
  • Капацитет на резервоар за вода за чистење: 0.45L
  • Капацитет на резервоар за валкана вода: 0.35L
  • Filter Type: Foam Filter
  • Време на полнење: 5H
  • Волумен на раствор за чистење: 500mL
  • Бучава: 78dBA
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